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Zella Jane's Hat Pattern


Yarn: 4 ply/use 2 strands together throughout
Needles: 7 1/2 mm (= American #11)
Cast on 60 stitches
1st row: K2 P2
2nd row: P2 K2
These 2 rows form rib pattern. Continue with pattern until
work is +/- 11 inches.
Shape top:
1st row: K2 tog, P2 tog (= right side/30 stitches)
2nd row: P2 tog across (=wrong side/15 stitches)
3rd row: K2 tog across, K1 at end (8 stitches)
4th row: p2 together (4 stitches remain)
Break yarn, thread through remaining 4 stitches, draw up
tightly and fasten off.
Join seam reversing seam for turn back of brim. Fold back
brim as required