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Directors Corner


Baby Threads keeps chugging along. Like that little train we all read about so long ago.  We know we can.  We know we can.  (You don’t mind that I changed the words a little?)

At Baby Threads the emphasis is always on the group effort.  One by one we knit or crochet still knowing we are part of the group; a big group of wonderful people lending a hand to make life better for the people of New Hampshire.

The weather is hot and sticky.  The beach sounds great.  But, soon it will be time for kids to go back to school and time for the volunteers of Baby Threads to be putting together backpacks full of school supplies again.  Baby Threads needs donations of money to buy backpacks and donations of school supplies to put in them.  It is your help that makes it happen.

Baby Threads started back in 1999.  Can you believe it?  How many families have we helped?  How many more still need our assistance?   

I wasn’t there at its inception but I have been a part of Baby Threads for a long time.  Being part of Baby Threads has meant a lot to me. 

Would you drop us a line, maybe an email to let us know what Baby Threads means to you.  We would all like to hear from you. 


Silvia Brooks